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Gary Horvath has conducted business, economic, and market research in Colorado for over 20 years. The primary focus of that work has been on the Colorado economy. He oversaw the preparation of CU's Business Economic Outlook Forecast for 15 years and has compiled confidence and leading indicator series for the state and local economies. In addition, he conducted numerous economic impact analyses and prepared overviews of the photonics, nanotechnology, homeland security, and film industries. As well, he directed two strategic studies that evaluated the economies of each of the state's 64 counties. The reports focused on their distinctive competencies, critical industries, and workforce strengths. For more details about his business and economic background click here.


In addition to the above mentioned work, Horvath has contributed to the economic analysis available on the Colorado-based Business and Economic Research website. has an excellent resource page that links to most data sets available in the public domain.


Gary Horvath became interested in tennis in the fifth grade when a classmate brought a tennis racquet to show-and-tell. He signed up for tennis in the summer recreation program and has been an avid player and coach since.  In college, he was an all-conference tennis player and captain of the conference championship team his senior year.  While attending Oregon State University he played men's club volleyball. After attending OSU, he began playing platform tennis and for a period of time was one of the top players in the western region. In addition to playing competitively in all three sports, he has coached them at various levels, from entry level to nationally ranked players.  Today he is a Master Professional with the United States Professional Tennis Association, a founding member of the USA Professional Platform Tennis Association, and he has begun the certification process with USAV. Horvath played a major role in the formation and the instruction of the Business of Sports program for the University of Colorado Executive Education program. For additional information about his work in sports, athletics, and recreation click here.

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